Saturday, July 07, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

1. Saturday afternoon nap. Sometimes Saturday morning, with its farmer's market and little visits with the fam, comes hard on the heels of Friday night, with its movies and staying up late. Sometimes after your Saturday morning and your Saturday early afternoon, there comes a moment when you could read, or do a crossword puzzle, or contemplate grave matters, or check your blog obsessively for comments. Or you could take a nap. The best is when the nap steals up on you and makes your eyes heavy and you don't even know it. The trick is: not too long--thirty minutes, tops. Otherwise, you might wake up cranky. Or so I've heard.

2. Serena and Venus Williams, doubles champs. I know there are people who've had enough of the Williams sisters. Not me. They were so cute, smiling at each other when they were being interviewed. Apparently Venus was a wizard at the net. I love that they've each had their stellar accomplishments as singles champs, but that they are killer playing together as well. I just plain heart them.

3. Cherries. They are beautiful. They are sexy. They taste fantastic. They are good cut up on yogurt and homemade granola. They are good backed in a clafouti. They are just plain amazing. I will eat cherries until there are no more to eat.

4. A pop music obsession. As you may or may not have heard, I spent a significant portion of my investigative time this week tracking down a song that I could not remember (a) the name of, (b) any of the words (as it turns out, although I sort of thought I knew some of the words, but I was absolutely wrong), and (c) the singer or band (as it turns out, since I thought it was Tom Jones, but it wasn't). It was extremely gratifying to figure out who it was, finally, and listen to the song (again and again), but most gratifying of all is all the stuff I learned while I was ensnared in this mystery. Now that I know what the song is, I still keep finding little bits of information, Tom Jones songs I want to listen to just one more time, and so on.

The last time I did this was at least ten years ago, when a song* on a mix CD my daughter kept playing began pressing itself on me. That was back when there were no apps, and the internet was stupider. Also slower. This time, not only did I obtain further light and knowledge about the song and all the other stuff orbiting around it, I also learned some new research tools and techniques. All in all, based on this experience, I highly recommend setting yourself a little research project in the pop music quadrant of the unknown.



  1. I totally heart all of your recommendations, Magastore!

  2. Venus and Serena=awesome. I am cheering for Murray all the way!

  3. My dinner the other day: pici with garlic, fresh mozz, basil, and fresh cherries. I almost cried.

  4. All excellent recommendations. We had cherries at the big 4th of July bash at my house and once again I remembered how much I love them.



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