Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Unsolicited feedback to persons who are unlikely ever to read this.

TO: My local public radio station
FROM: htms
date: 21 April 2010
re: pledge drive

Please, please, please just send me a bill. Go ahead, make it a fat bill. Just give me back my radio programs. I can't take it anymore.


TO: the person or persons who stole our garbage receptacles, two of them, and tipped them over, way up the street
FROM: htms
date: 21 April 2010
re: our garbage receptacles, two of them, tipped over, way up the street

Seriously? SERIOUSLY.


TO: the guy I heard on NPR, talking about that ridiculous proposed new immigration law in Arizona
FROM: htms
date: 21 April 2010
re: your use of the word "swarthy"

Thank you very much for using the word "swarthy." I have not heard that word used in, like, twenty years. I would especially like to commend you on your particular pronunciation of it, with a soft "th," which gave it especial panache.

Your point, also--that this ridiculous proposed legislation is really about racial profiling, identifying "brown people, swarthy people" as suspect illegals--is very well taken.

Sir: I admire you. Well-played.


Dr. Write said...

Perhaps we should just write an open letter to idiots in general:
Stop. Just stop.

Optimistic. said...

Completely agreed about the public radio pledge drives. The near constant "give us money?" routine has driven me to AM radio. I'm not even kidding.

radagast said...

I'm with you, HM, on the whole KUER pledge-a-thon. And the same is true of KUED (local PBS). Really? Another two-week Wayne Dyer/Celtic Women marathon will put me in the mood to donate? Really?

Ann said...

You never know who will read this, actually. I once wondered on my blog when sushi became the new hot dog in re to an R. C. Willey promotional. And lo. I heard from them. To assure me that their sushi was locally made and also fresh.

America. What a country.

Nik said...

This inspired me to blog the poem. However, my word verification was lickast so perhaps our blogs are linked more metally (to go with linkaly) than I knew.

theorris said...

Never underestimate the ability of teens to find just about any sort of destruction or mischief entertaining.


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