Thursday, April 15, 2010

To do.

Things I need, really really need, to do:
  • plant 10,000 poppies
  • plant a hedge of red roses, like Sleeping Beauty
  • prune my roses
  • paint my bedroom
  • strip the bedroom wallpaper so I can paint my bedroom
  • air everything out
  • clean like mad
  • think for hours without talking to anyone
  • write no more letters forever
  • wake up when I wake up
  • be outside
  • give grave and deeply considered thoughts to things like dinner
  • purchase the food of spring, with many many vegetables
  • put all my sweaters away
  • put all my tights away
Today's poem. Who knows how many poems there will be by the actual end of April.


  1. Go with the first two. If you never get to the others, it will still have been a beautiful life.

  2. I want to wake up when I wake up too.

    I grow weary. So weary.



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