Tuesday, April 06, 2010

High concept poem.

Tomorrow, I leave for AWP in Denver, and the people, I am kind of excited, because I have outfits to wear, and music to listen to on the trip, and work to do--wait, am I excited about that? damn.--and people to see and stuff to learn and awesome dinners out to have. Etcetera.

Point 2: there has been enough going on here and there, hither and yon, that I (a) did not write a poem yesterday, and (b) only barely got one for today. Yesterday, at the end of a lo[insert extra 'o's here]ong day, we happened to find ourselves at the Dianne Reeves show, which is not a bad place to be, but (1) there was a winter storm happening on the way into the show, which we--I think I can speak for all of us here--had on our minds as being probably likely to continue for the return portion of the journey, and (2) the day had been lo[insert extra 'o's here]ng, and (3) what about National Poetry Month? So whilst contemplating Dianne Reeves's lovely ensemble and accessories while she was singing with great splendor, I thought I would write a poem about adornment and I scribbled notes galore in the dark without my glasses on, notes which I transcribed a little while ago.

However: those notes did not feel like becoming a poem tonight.

So instead, I wrote this. [< - that "this" is a link.]

I will be having my laptop with me--that is to say, my laptop will be companionably accompanying me, as in, my laptop insisted on coming with to Denver. So perhaps there will be further updates, poetry-wise, or maybe I will just do a little online teaching. Check back here to find out!


  1. I hope we get Denver highlights, including what you ate, because I like to live vicariously that way.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Sorry! That was me--just deleting comments for the fun of it.

    What I meant to say is that somehow in my mind I thought you said you went to the Diane Rehm show. And that she was singing. And I thought who knew Diane Rehm sings, too?

    Obviously playing games on Sporcle.com is NOT helping my brain to be more nimble. In spite what the Sporcle people promise.

    Have fun in Denver. Or wherever it is you're going.

  4. I am feeling so much better now that I know I am not the only one who was surprised to learn that you got to go listen to Diane Rehm sing. I wondered what her outfit was like and what type of songs she performed. And then I thought I need a vacation to lower my stressed out brain or perhaps new glasses. But if Ann thought the same thing, I must be okay, right?

  5. Vicarious dinners out and proxy outfits to wear - I vote aye.



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