Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thirteen ways of looking at April 13.

1. Pancakes for breakfast.
2. I got to wear my yellow coat.
4. However, odd poem.
5. Walk with Bruiser in the cold.
6. Escaped from challenging meeting dignity etc. intact.
7. Saw Dr. Write at her signing. Huzzah!
8. Rose to the challenge of making dinner after long day.
9. Inspiring homemade mac and cheese--perhaps the best ever made by anyone, ever? Perhaps.
10. Cute shoes.
11. The historian greeted me when I got home.
12. I shall arise early to greet the dawn and also the Board of Trustees on the morrow.
13. In the meanwhile, I shall sleep. Huzzah!


  1. Any post with two or more "huzzahs" is encouraging.

  2. Looking forward to part two of the post on BoT meeting--that is coming right?!



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