Friday, December 21, 2007

The short list.

Before Christmas I shall:

1. bake the sugar cookie dough I whipped up a couple of days ago.
2. bake the shortbreads, whatever shortbreads they may be.
3. partake of the spirit of Christmas by playing 80% of the Christmas cds I own but haven't yet listened to.
4. buy a D.Williams jersey for soccer coach son.
5. buy a piece of a gym membership for college daughter.
6. possibly prepare a modest musical number for the family music night.
7. possibly coerce some or all of children to do something musical for same? (???)
8. return catalog-ordered clothing to store?
9. bake cardamom-almond bread.
10. wrap all presents.
11. chill out by the tree (in fact, I'm doing this right now!).
12. deliver all goodies to long list of deliverees.
13. buy things I'm supposed to bring to Christmas dinner, because, well, it's coming right up.
14. other things, other baking, other little shopping chores, other thises and thats and whatnots.

A Christmas coup was scored today in the purchase of a classic Fisher-Price duck pull toy, for a grandson who really, really loves his ducks. Also, a present for running son which appeared to be sold out, but, in fact, upon investigation by a valiant Target store clerk, was not. Score! and score again!

I'm having a good time of it, despite traffic, a slightly tight neck and shoulders, random (but manageable) bouts of grief, and the nagging feeling I'm spending too much money, because (a) I'm no longer grading, and (b), what the hell, and why not? It's Christmas.


  1. Well, several things to say
    1. Butterscotch crescents scuppered, scalded the pudding and alas no butterscotch pudding sold in UK. Grrr.
    2. Decided to double up on the almond bread, off to do batch two now.
    3. Had a little weep yesterday, I miss you all so much.

  2. Delicious baking sounds great but chilling by the tree sounds ideal. And the stuff myths are made of. I'm glad the grief is only occasional--I suppose Christmas is cathartic with it's crying and baking and spending too much money.
    Merry Christmas Lisa B and family.



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