Monday, December 03, 2007

The future.

I am doing some research for my sabbatical application (oh! sabbatical!) and ran across this:


Dr. Write said...

That is interesting and creepy and weird.

dhbisson said...

I prefer a nuclear holocaust, but I also prefer film to digital. I am a traditionalist destined for extinction. Seriously though, I think I kind of prefer the death of the old world to the life of the new one, but thats because I am arrogant and think I know things about things and what it means to be. Scary o'clock.

Nik said...

Very cool. I think I'll start off by selling ads in my as-yet unpublished pieces. Every time I mention 7-11--a buck. (OK. A penny). I'm totally into it though I agree with dh. Nuclear holocaust may be the preferable apocalypse.


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