Wednesday, December 19, 2007


As is generally the case at the conclusion of the fall semester, the grading dragged on and the baking languished. Nevertheless, I have made: regular caramels, chocolate caramels, and icebox cookies (from the failed cookie press experiment). At the moment, a rather gorgeous panettone dough is rising.

I still intend to make at least two and hopefully more types of shortbread, the roll-'em-out kind of sugar cookies (I have a bunch of excellent, fancy new cookie cutters), and almond bread. The day before Christmas is when I bake these butterscotch crescent rolls--they were a Pillsbury Bake-Off recipe from days of yore--at least, my family has been baking them since I can remember, so they won sometime from before I can remember. The basis of that dough is actually butterscotch pudding, which I think is hilarious, but sneer not! This dough is silky and fantastic.

As college daughter and I were wrapping the giant pile of chocolate caramels, which, by the way, taste like the very best Tootsie Roll imaginable--which is kind of good and also a little, well, disappointing, actually--she said, "Who're you going to give all of these to, Mom?"

Everyone I can think of, I guess. And if you're very good, and if you live at least a little bit near me, I might be thinking of you.


  1. Oh! The baking. Those caramels were the best things I've ever tasted. Ever.
    I've made 7 layer bars, which is basically it. So I can make like, two more things, plus tamales, which Son is excited about. But I did make the Chex mix, which is nearly gone. Oh, and I have to make a cake for the teacher tomorrow. I hope it's good: butter, chocolate, maple espresso glaze. How can I lose?

  2. I too begin the baking hysteria today. Sugar cookies with Miriam in the morning, butterscotch crescents at night, almond bread tomorrow.



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