Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting ready to get ready to grade.

Today I sorted through a hideous thicket of e-mail to download student portfolios, group projects, late assignments, and the like.

I organized them into easily managed and clearly labeled files on my hard drive.

I sent e-mails to students whose work I didn't have--the ones that I'm pretty sure didn't send it as an oversight, thought I might not accept it because it was late (hello! have they met me?), or actually did send it and somehow I still didn't have it.

I constructed little rubrics for rationalizing my grading.

I constructed little tables with the scores for things I've already reviewed, and spaces for the new scores.

So: tomorrow, if I can get my head together, I will start to actually read and respond (on the little rubrics) to student work. I bet I can grade at least one and maybe two courses tomorrow. The other course on Thursday.

Then, I will e-mail the rubrics to the students, submit the grades, close my laptop, and watch a bunch of television.

And then? I will use my new cookie press to make elegant spritz cookies. Perhaps by then the historian's car will be out of the shop (it's at Genius Mechanic of Foreign Cars [that's GMFC to you] who is such a big genius that he often doesn't have time to look at your car when you need him to, which is either the high price of genius or else a gigantic pain in the ass, or both, possibly both), so I can complete my Christmas shopping. I will buy and decorate a Christmas tree. I will purchase mass quantities of food so we can have a family Christmas party on Sunday (the menu chosen by Missionary Running Son--enchiladas of every variety, "mexi-rice," corn, salsa and chips, and possibly some other things, like salad, that he hasn't and wouldn't think of--what will he eat in Singapore? and also dessert of some variety). I will, in other words, begin my break.



  1. You might be surprised about Singapore: they have one of the most diverse cuisines on the planet. There is a rich combination of Chinese, Indian, South East Asian (Thai and Vietnamese) as well as Indonesian. I wouldn't doubt some Mexican is there making a killing too.

  2. I need more rubrics in my life.
    Good luck on getting through the courses and may break begin as soon as humanly possible.

  3. First, I love your new header/picture.
    Second, even though I already graded my 1010s, I took such a long break from grading since then that I have to get ready to get ready again. And I only have a few portfolios to grade. But they weigh heavy. Heavy!

  4. theorris has obviously not met running son whose diet consists of burrito, pizza, white bread, and milk, not that crazy organic crap, mind you.. the lovely cuisine you describe is not going to be high on his list of things to eat. Can't wait to get letters and hear all about his adventures in eating! (Scottish daughter)



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