Monday, December 17, 2007

Several items have come to my attention.

1. Betty, after the horrible surgery of a couple of months ago, is doing very well. Live strong, Betty!

2. The house is almost entirely back in order after the giant cooking-eating-entertaining extravaganza of yesterday.

3. I love how things look in my house right now--the beautiful tree, the new couch, a new rug we bought a couple of weeks ago, holiday decor, poinsettias. Why do I drag my feet at this every year, when it is so wonderful?

4. The cinnamon ice cream, which I put in a container in the freezer last night, is at a passably ice-cream-ish consistency, and tastes delicious, no doubt because it is full of fat. (If I'm eating ice cream before noon, all alone, is that a symptom of a problem? or am I the happy genius of my household? or both?)

5. Still grading.


Counterintuitive said...

To give comfort and sneer at MB: Still grading too and enjoying it at the moment.

Amelia said...

Go grading!

Dr. Write said...

Clearly you are the happy genius. While I cannot even spell it. I am preparing for evening baking. Fun! Hooray!

DiaNe said...

what was the large get-together? And why was I not invited? Don't say because I am already back in Portland, because you should have invited me, even if you KNEW (knew!) that I would regretfully decline it.


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