Thursday, December 06, 2007

Last day of the semester index.

Speeches made to class: 1
Cupcakes consumed by class: 40
Christmas music busted out: 1 cd (The Roches, We Three Kings)
Christmas cooking projects undertaken: 2 (cupcakes, see above; caramels, cooling as we speak)
Portfolios graded: 0
Injuries incurred: 1 (candy burn)
Random holiday food consumed: chips, hummus, rice krispie treat (in shape of Christmas tree), cookie of wisdom and critical enlightenment
End of semester meetings: 1 (successful norming session for assessment! all will be well with assessment!)
Late semester annoying student encounters: only one, and it wasn't so annoying really
Holiday decor items purchased, arranged, and rearranged: 3 poinsettias; shiny faux pears, apples, and pomegranates; a pewter bird; several candles
Cheer quotient: way, way up.


  1. I can't believe you've already done baking and decorating. I downloaded some X-mas music last week for the tree decorating. But no baking yet....
    And I haven't quite got the speech making down. I want to. I always have big plans for a speech I'm going to give my class and it ends up being "Have a good break. And good bye."
    In any case, happy end of the semestering.

  2. hurray for you doing something christmasy! Dont forget shopping at gardener village!

  3. yay for you. and now you've got the groundcover to match the cheer.



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