Sunday, September 09, 2007

You're what? Already?

Last night at the English dept. party, it became clear (through casually dropped references made by a number of my blogging posse) that they are already grading.

What are they thinking? Can it be true? or is it a conspiracy to make me feel bad about myself (I'm pretty sure such conspiracies are being plotted on a daily basis--otherwise, how can I explain all my self-loathing?)?

I had to reassure myself that I wasn't a slacker by reminding myself that I, too, am "grading" online discussions and posts. But are we talking about full-on, "they handed in their assignments and now I must grade them," kind of grading? I really like to get a full head of steam which easily takes three or four weeks into the semester, and which usually involves parking my car facing downhill, before I go there.


  1. Don't worry. I'm not grading either. Except discussion posts, which have caused me no end of headaches today. Oye vay!! Or however you spell that. I might be grading next weekend. Unless all my students dropped. And then I'll just be hanging out.

  2. I've responded to 8 poems. I also have hope to read through their discussion board comments and blogs.
    But that's it.
    No stress. Unless they all drop out. Which is really no stress but kind of difficult to explain to the chair. Wait! You are the chair! Aren't you?

  3. Not to make you feel bad high touch, but yes I am grading. I have a stack of profiles from three sections. I got through one class today.

  4. I'm not grading, but I'm also not teaching a credit course! I have been responding to our new peer writing advisors, however, if that counts as grading.

  5. I felt bad that you weren't grading--it made me feel like I had planned poorly, that if I had thought better of things, I could still be living easy. I guess I'm not technically grading--just responding to drafts. So that's better. But it still feels like grading.

  6. Something (else) not to miss about teaching

  7. MB grading is like MB cleaning his office which is daily and should not indicate anything to us mere mortals.



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