Sunday, September 30, 2007

What's new?

Apparently, life is far, far too interesting and absorbing for blogging these days. Either that or I haven't had anything to write about. Either that, or I've felt a tad on the exhausted side. Either that, or it must be time to blog right now.

Okay! First off and above all, the new blog over at twit. Yes, the activist "let's not sit around and whine about it" Dr. Write has begun a new blog all about the television. You can read my newest post there. It is already good, as several people have begun posting on this important and vital subject.

Second: poor Betty has had surgery this past week, extensive surgery. It's enough to break your heart. Her prognosis in the short term is good, but probably not so good in the long term. In fact, that's all I can say at the moment.

Third: I sent my manuscript out to several competitions and applied for a residency at a writer's colony. It's part of my assault on the world, which starts now, like Lloyd Dobler's.

Fourth: I spent the night up in Park City with my mom, sisters, nieces, aunt, and daughter. There were hardly any shenanigans and no highjinks to speak of. But it was a lot of fun. There was Mexican food at night, and in the morning, there were waffles. Driving down Emigration Canyon in the snow was a trip, but on the plus side, we listened to the great second side of Abbey Road (it will always be a side to me, because I first listened to this recording on vinyl), which made the ride sublime.

Fifth: there are drafts, some drafts, to catch up on. But that can happen tomorrow.


  1. I hope to see ever more posts with Dobler as a label. I love Lloyd Dobler.

  2. great. which residency? It's embarrassing to ask, but can you tell me who Lloyd Dobler is?

  3. Sorry to hear about Betty. Such a sweet dog.

    But send out! Assault away!

  4. Hello overproductive! May such overproductivity continue.

    I'm so sorry about Betty. I'm glad she's OK for the short-term.

  5. Lloyd Dobler = the hero of Say Anything. Played by John Cusack. Classic.

  6. Lisa, so good to find your blog...I kept ending up on your SLCC page. :) I'm still figuring this blogging thing out! Good to "see" you too. So sorry to hear about Betty. Best of luck on your residency and publication. Love from Texas. Naomi



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