Sunday, September 16, 2007

My life is now complete.

My new (to me) comfortable chair, ensconced in my office.

My untidy bookshelves (view from new to me comfy chair).


  1. it looks like a good chair. and I like the books. I want a wall of books.

  2. Are those books going to fall on someone? Is your chair far back enough to ensure your safety?

  3. My books are organized in that exact same fashion. I'm not afraid, MB. Are you afraid Lisa B? No. Books are our friends. They'd never kill us. Unless we were in a Doctorow novel. And even then, we're strong. And organized.

  4. This looks like heaven. A comfortable chair (with footrest) and the books...ah, the books....and on second look, I bet that chair makes a good nap buddy.

  5. Yes. I want a wall of books and a comfy chair.
    Oh no! Not the comfy chair!



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