Saturday, September 01, 2007

Idaho is a state of mind.

When in doubt, I just ask myself what would Middlebrow do? We're up here hanging out for Labor Day.

idaho is less than you think
idaho is a state of mind
idaho is seismically active
idaho is also home to many herds of wild horses
idaho is an amateur event
idaho is like this
idaho is told to keep out of foreign policy
idaho is our is our is our classroom classroom classroom
idaho is booked on the red
idaho is smallmouth territory
idaho is less than you think writer
idaho is a state of mind you woke up in the hospital this morning
idaho is seismically active too boise
idaho is climatically well suited for a variety of fruit production
idaho is a study in
idaho is a baseless myth
idaho is the answer to all of these problems
idaho is home to many transplanted troublemaker bears
idaho is bordered by canada to the north
idaho is the way to go
idaho is too good to be true
idaho is losing y2k programmers to private industry
idaho is nicknamed the gem state
idaho is a state rich in railroad history
idaho is known for vast expanses of volcanic plains and the river of no return
idaho is grown right here in the local area
idaho is small state postal history wise
idaho is also expected to
idaho is a very diverse state with desert areas in the south east and west
idaho is in foal
idaho is known for producing ski champs
idaho is the number one state in the country in the percentage of public school 8th graders attending schools without a tardiness problem
idaho is protected on all sides by mountains
idaho is in many ways three states
idaho is a state rich in geographical extremes from high desert to towering peaks
idaho is a non
idaho is het stiefkindje van de staten in het noordwesten
idaho is famous
idaho is interested in hiring experienced stitchers for the 2002 summer
idaho is a large state with a total land area of 63


  1. I love that it is a "baseless myth" and an "amateur event." Enjoy your visit to the mythical land.

  2. Yes. All good. Have some fun for us. And return home safely.

  3. Idaho. Where do I begin, Lisa?

  4. I assume you went through St. Anthony. What about Teton City?



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