Tuesday, September 04, 2007

On pasta.

Running son: I think I'm just opposed to spaghetti because everyone in this family just loves it so much.

Singing son: I love spaghetti!

New mom daughter: Spaghetti is, like, the perfect meal.

Running son: Maybe it's just the noodle. I like thicker noodles.

Me: I like linguini most--it's just a little thicker.

Son-in-law: Yes. I agree, linguini.

The historian: I love angel hair pasta.

Daughter-in-law and new mom daughter: Penne.

Running son: I can think of about 50 better things to eat than spaghetti.

Singing son: No way! I love spaghetti! Like what?

Running son: Like fettucine alfredo.

New mom daughter: Fettucine alfredo is what fat people eat.

Son-in-law: I guarantee you, if fettucine alfredo were as easy to make as spaghetti is, you'd make it all the time and you would love it.

Singing son: Spaghetti is still the best.

Son-in-law: What about butternut squash ravioli? Ever had that? Cause I have, and butternut squash ravioli kicks spaghetti's ass.


  1. I like fresh pesto on bowties is about the best thing ever. But penne with fresh tomatoes is a close second. And linguine. I like linguine. But that butternut squash ravioli sounds good too.....ummm...I think I'm hungry. Thanks HTMS.
    See you tonight?

  2. I'm now trying to compromise on whole grain pasta and olive oil (not butter). How do you stand on that set of food beliefs, my friend?

    Too theological?

  3. Context for my previous comment. Eureka moment of the week: religion is a useful metaphor for food, exercise, tech writing.

  4. You question my Eureka moments?

  5. Dr. Write and I are in agreement. Bowtie pasta with fresh pesto and tomatoes. Everything else is a falling away.



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