Monday, September 17, 2007

Manifesto #1, issued from the big chair.

Communique #1: It's time for you people to get cable.

First of all, I want you people to take my advice about what shows to watch, as in: "Mad Men is the best show of the summer." or "Damages is not to be missed." If you people don't have cable, your rejoinder is, "I'll watch it when it comes on dvd and I can get it on Netflix." Not good enough, you people. I want you to take my advice Right. Now.

Second of all, if you have cable, it's simply not true, as some of you have protested, that you'll watch more television and you can't afford to watch television. You people are all disciplined, far, far more disciplined than I am, for instance. All of you. No, really, you people: you are the people for whom TiVo or DVR were invented. If you don't have time to watch the shows I recommend to you, by all means, TiVo them or DVR them and watch them when you have time, between grading assignments the second after your students have turned them in. I know you. You can do it, you people.

Thirdly, it is not too expensive. Give me a break, you people. I know you can figure out a way to pay for cable without the premium stations. You people, this is all I ask of you. Just get the cable that has Mad Men (AMC) and Damages (FX). So I can talk to you about the shows I watch.

And another thing, you people: what is it with the sorry state of television criticism and commentary in this great but possibly failing nation of ours? Why is it that when a person who loves a television show wants to read about it, because none of her friends are watching it--they're all waiting for it to come out on dvd, so they can watch it on Netflix--she can find virtually nothing, not even on the internet? Or a review based on watching the first two episodes when, come on, you people--anyone knows that it takes more than two episodes to get most shows rolling. (Although not Mad Men or Damages--both of these shows were awesome from the get-go.) Can we do anything about this, you people? Can we make television criticism better in this great but possibly failing nation of ours? Not if we're waiting for shows to come out on Netflix, we can't. But I digress.

If you won't get cable--and the good Lord knows I've tried my best to convince you that you should--I will have little recourse. I think you know what I'll be forced to do. That's right--I'll have to keep on talking to myself about these shows, that's what. You people: it will be upon your heads.


  1. Why do I feel this is directed at me? I know. But maybe the choice is between cable and wine.
    And I am SO undisciplined it is not funny. I could watch the cooking channel non-stop. Not even stopping to cook!! I tell you.
    But I will think, seriously, about getting cable. And then the DVR is required, right?

  2. Lisa! You have taken up the cause with the grace, wisdom and charm of which revolutions are made. May your campaign meet with the new world order whose time has come.

    For they who cannot abide the hegemony that is Comcast, try the Dish or DirectTV! Cheaper! DVR included!

    Oh Dr. Write, the conversations the 3 of us could have. The drama. The beautiful enigma that is Don Draper.

    (Lisa B. I promise to catch up on Damages. Promise.)

  3. I have had my broadband Internet cable for nigh on 7 years now. Since that time they have reduced the "basic" cable from a plethora of fun to nearly nothing. Excuse me, but I refuse to pay and extra 50 bucks a month for commercial channels (no premium channels involved.)

    Pardon my profanity, but they can go fuck themselves.

  4. whenever I see a commercial for Mad Men, I vow that I will check it out. I know it's good if you are suggesting/forcing that people latch on.

  5. new plan: you, HTM, record those shows for us. and then we'll watch them. and then we'll meet for cupcakes and talk about them.

    I'm also pretty good about talking about things I really know nothing about, so I could do that too.

    you decide. as long as there are cupcakes.

  6. I agree with lis's plan of action.

    I am also extremely good at talking about things I know nothing about.

    I might even come dressed as D'Lux Clint.

  7. I _do_ have the first five episodes of _Damages_ dvr'ed, and I did make these amazing cupcakes awhile ago . . . I would totally be willing to have a _Damages_ party.

  8. I am totally committed to that plan and as we all know I have no problem with watching 12 straight hours of recorded tv.

  9. Bravo. I'm so tired of those dear folks at work who tell me they don't watch TV (with that look on their faces).



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