Thursday, May 05, 2016


I sent my comments to groups for their group projects, and to individuals for their individual work. I ate granola for breakfast. I dug deep, I trusted and believed, I used my body as my equipment (morning workout). I hung up my red skirt and put away my yellow tee shirt. I wore white jeans.

I scampered away from grading to attend a movie that is slightly too embarrassing to mention. Okay, The Boss. And snuck my salad and yogurt and orange in there like a thief in the night. And emerged feeling slightly better for having laughed. Not that I was in a state where my mood needed rescuing.

I found my academic robe. Okay, I got it out of the trunk of my car. I submitted all my grades for my composition sections. I made soft tacos for Cinco de Mayo. I ate a zillion cookies. In my defense they were tiny. I read the final projects for Publication Studies and was moved and impressed. I submitted those grades. Which makes me--in case you're keeping score--through with grading before graduation. If it seems like I'm gloating, it's only because I am.

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