Monday, May 16, 2016

Running all over and not standing still.

Today, I am thinking about the summers of yesteryear, when I ate my breakfast on the porch and under the trees and flowers and so forth.  Leisurely, is what I'm saying. Why is there so far not enough leisure? Am I forgetting what leisure is? Maybe this is leisure? If so, I feel that the character of leisure has changed, and I am not in favor of that.

In other news, things could be tidier around here.

Even so: while hopping into the car to go hither and yon today, I did manage to notice this:

A video posted by Lisa Bickmore (@megastore) on

and I felt like this was something to aspire to. Slow motion flowers, and a breeze. This is the new desideratum. This, and maybe breakfast on the porch. And clean counters. But I would be happy with just this.

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