Tuesday, May 10, 2016

how it is.

Today, I took my general unwillingness to spring from the bed in the morning and joyfully get about the day's business to a new level (that was a long modifier in the middle there, sorry about that!). Which is to say that I didn't get out of bed until NINE O'CLOCK. From this, I hypothesize:

  1. I am carrying around a massive sleep deficit and will not be arising early for weeks and perhaps months to come.
  2. I am a lazy brat.
  3. both (a) and (b) above.
Well, be that as may be, I arose in a cold, quiet house. (I did open my eyes enough to chat with the historian a couple of times. I'm not a barbarian.) I worked out. I showered. I ate pancakes. (The first pancakes of summer!) 

We have a young friend living with us for awhile. He's a musician. He's working on composing some new songs. I heard some epic drumming from downstairs, because he can and does play multiple instruments. That drumming helped me
  1. write notes for two new poems
  2. consider a few things I needed at Target (a new trowel, gardening gloves, pruning shears)
  3. call the appliance repair guys so they can come fix my washing machine, which has been doing this weird stop-in-the-middle-of-a-cycle for about two years now, so, you know, now seems like a good time to get that taken care of
I also used the drumming to motivate me to
  1. load the dishwasher
  2. put away a vast amount of clean dishes and other stuff that had been hanging out on my counter for awhile
  3. straighten up my laundry room, because I don't need that appliance repair guy judging me like a judgmental bastard
The quiet: the people, it is a blessed, blessed balm to me.

Soon, I will take up what I believe is my big project of the summer, which has something to do with religious language. Maybe archaic and religious. Anyway, why this is a language I keep returning to--I am going to investigate that. The quiet seems like a good locus for a project like that. I will return and report. Maybe. Or maybe I will just keep it to myself, like a novitiate who has taken a vow of silence.

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