Wednesday, May 04, 2016

things I am looking forward to once my grades are in.

  • planting flowers. loads of them.
  • assembling delicious dinners with lots of vegetables. lots.
  • wearing white clothes like crazy.
  • waking up whenever.
  • sleeping with the fan on.
  • reading all the books that are waiting for me to read them. maybe Moby Dick.
  • watching that damn Lemonade visual album for heaven's sake.
  • breakfast with my daughter.
  • my parents' sixtieth wedding anniversary party.
  • going to Phoenix to hang out with my son and daughter-in-law, and Will and Van.
  • writing poems every day. poems for days. poems like mad.
  • organizing things around here so that things are immaculate. (I know that's not real, but maybe closer to immaculate. the next county over from immaculate. from here, it's just a short, 30 minute drive to immaculate. I could call immaculate and it wouldn't be long distance. immaculate and I are in the same time zone. like that.)
  • making video essays.
  • visit to my friend in NoCal.
  • long walks at night, when it's cool, with Bruiser and the historian.
  • seeing grandkids galore!
  • hopefully even more visits to further climes.
  • dreaming time.
  • and so forth.
I am turning my grades in tomorrow, so all this magic begins in mere hours. MERE HOURS is when the magic starts.

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