Monday, May 02, 2016

Dear first day of grading,

I am pleased to say that the progress was good today. This means that I
  • set up the rubrics, and
  • graded one third, more or less,
of the available stuff to grade. I am therefore, and thusly, on my way to being finished grading by tomorrow evening. A consummation devoutly to be wished, don't you agree, first day of grading?

Other things I accomplished:
  • two workouts
  • submitted my travel paperwork huzzah
  • attended a meeting
  • considered my place in the universe, and found myself wanting
  • figured out what I'm wearing to a fancy event tomorrow night
So, you know, good day. Oh! also, I watched
  • Purple Rain for the very first time in my life.
  • !!!!!!!!!!!
  • I KNOW.
One of my friends went to far as to say that this made me 'kind of a fraud.' At which I take umbrage, first day of grading. That was a long, long time ago. Who knows what was even happening? I had small children and responsibilities and there may have been other movies to see. Also, I finished my master's degree that summer! so, you know, I was writing a thesis. Fraudulent my eye. 

But I will say that when Prince plays that fantastic three-fer--'Purple Rain,' 'I Would Die 4 U,' and 'Baby I'm a Star'--to end the movie, it's clear--he is and was and forever will be a star. So it was high time, first day of grading, that I see it, and having seen it, it is and was and forever will be all I could ever have hoped for.


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