Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Things that will be arriving at my house soon.

1. A new mattress.  I woke up this Sunday morning with various unfriendly aches round about my elbows, shoulders, and hips. I thought, This mattress cannot stand, man, and said aloud to the historian, 'We need a new mattress.' with great firmness.

He said, 'Well, then, we better get one,' because this was not our first rodeo, in terms of discussing the need for a new mattress. So I arose from my bed of affliction and went to the internet, where I bought a mattress, as people do.

It is arriving tomorrow. I am setting aside the notion that correlation does not imply causation, i.e., a new mattress may or may not be the cure for the various unfriendly aches. But I hope that it will. I believe that it will. I will keep you posted.

2. A grandson, to make little notebooks. My daughter texted me the other day about the third grade store at my grandson's school: 'They can make or bring something to sell and they can buy each other's things with classroom dollars. He was wondering if you could help him make mini notebooks to sell.'  

Well, of course I can! We discussed possible ideas for the notebook covers: raccoons, since the raccoon is the mascot of the school; stuff that kids that age like...

3. Paper and stuff for these mini-notebooks. With raccoons, stuff that kids that age like, etc.

4. Time to get the yard in order. I am personally laser-focused on pruning all the roses. ALLLL the roses.

5. Several shirts. You guys, I am possible stress-ordering stuff online.

6. Some sort of cookie. These will not exactly arrive, so much as emanate. Perhaps not so much emanate as bake. Not so much bake as be eaten, probably.

7. Spring break. It is coming. It is coming so hard!

8. Manuscript edits. These are currently arriving in the form of brainwaves about things like whether certain poems need to find their emotional core, or dig deeper, or whether certain other poems actually rise to the occasion, or whether they have served their purpose by having been written and now can retire?

9. A hiatus in grading. Frankly, this cannot arrive soon enough.

10. Peace, quiet, a new attitude. Ditto the above.

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