Thursday, March 24, 2016

Long week, with a peroration of cookies.

FACT: yesterday, I had to drive across the valley, and back, three times. THREE.

FACT: there is yard work to be done, house work to be done, work work to be done.

FACT: I think I am still tired from spring forward.

FACT: all this whining is making me thirsty!

I came home today after workout two and slid right into my chair to talk to students one two three four five on the internet

[FACT: I talked to students one two three four five today!]

and then I roasted some green beans and steamed some artichokes and cut up some strawberries and we ate a dinner that also included a grilled cheese sandwich and a leftover enchilada. And THEN we watched the Jazz lose to Oklahoma while I also took a short basketball nap.

And THEN I made galettes sablés. (This recipe is fancier than the one I made, from The Joy of Cooking, but it's the same basic idea, although I actually like my recipe better. But that's a post for another boring day.)

America, I submit to you that, while everyone now knows that sugar is literally your mortal enemy (I'm not arguing! I'm just saying it in a snotty tone!), a cookie really can save the day. Not that my day was heinous, but I admit to feeling world weary and un petit peu triste. Frankly, also, those strawberries seemed to cry out for a vanilla cookie. And lo, I did arise from my basketball nap and hearken unto their cry.

Which is to say: I put butter and flour into the bowl of the stand mixer, that absolute champ of a kitchen appliance, and let the whirring turn the butter/flour situation into sand. Then: three egg yolks, some sugar (a judicious amount), vanilla, a tiny bit of almond extract, more whirring, etcetera etcetera and then I rolled the dough into long cylinders to chill. And then bake, cut into slim little round cookies. Comme ça:

que suave.
I believe I baked twenty four of these cookies, and there may be two left. In our defense, you know, basically, they saved us from melancholy and distress, so why wouldn't we keep eating them? 

Also in our defense, they are tiny. And delicious. 

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