Wednesday, March 09, 2016

The Megastore recommends, spring for real edition.

like these.
1. Red shoes. People, we have come through, just about, a long and justly wintry winter. And I am
not tempting the weather gods--see, I said 'just about,' so I know--we still have some bluster and sleet and whatnot. Plenty of rain, and so forth.

Still: don't tell me you're not tired of those heavy boots and sturdy waterproof shoes you've been wearing. Your feet want a little dancing. They want lightness. In a word, they want red.

Red shoes are pretty much the most reliable of the frivolous shoe colors. Red is elemental. Since it's elemental, I say we all decide it's a neutral. Let's all buy new sneakers, red ones, and wear them with everything. Sneakers have the virtue of being practical, but red sneakers? lightweight ones? they will serve your dancing and lightness needs with aplomb.

basically, like this, but
with pancakes.
2. Eating breakfast with the door open. Sure, you might not have a kitchen that opens to the outside, but maybe you have access to a window? The day is still young, the chill is still in the air, but the light is starting to filter through the leaves, and that light, that light is the reason. You know that light is both particle and wave. It is material, my friends, and there is no good reason in this world, when the chill is forecasting a later warmth, that you should not eat your oatmeal with some of that material light adding savor to the whole deal. Just try it. And for heaven's sake, wear a sweater.

3. Inspecting the yard. Did you know that your tulips are cutting
this is LITERALLY happening right now.
through the dirt? and probably, also, your crocuses? Also, that little project over there in the corner of the yard, the one you didn't finish last October? Still needs to be finished. But hey, the rose canes are reddening and the leaves are just about to pop. Not to mention all that blue flax. Things are happening out there--you don't want to miss it!

so close!
(dave mcmanus,
'brokenwing resting,'
on flickr)

4. Spring break. Shhhhhhhh--can you hear it? It's getting closer. Super close. Almost here. I know this is counterintuitive, but I think I can literally taste it.

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  1. Spring in Salt Lake might be the best kind of spring.



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