Thursday, March 31, 2016

Dang good day.

What made it good:

1. two workouts
2. good oatmeal for breakfast. The best, really.
3. great consults with students in the Student Writing Center. The best, really.
4. put on my new red dress. Again: the best.
5. considered what shoes to wear--and made the right call.

Then, I got to read at The King's English, and it was wonderful.

I was just about to write about how the literary reading is such a strange kind of event. But you know? I really felt so lucky tonight, lucky and happy. So whatever--the generosity and goodness and pleasure of this event--the affiliation, the kindness, the love--and if literary readings are strange, well then, so be it, because at least tonight, this one was so wonderful:

6. my mom and dad were there. Mom! Dad! I'm so glad you were there!
7. my daughter and her husband came, and brought floral good wishes from all the kids, and we went to dinner afterward--perfect.
8. so many good friends came. my friends are truly the best.
9. and acquaintances and people I didn't even know came. Thank you, everyone!
10. people I love who couldn't make it sent me kind notes, so sweet.
11. Ann Cannon the Great introduced me, especially precious to me since we have known each other forever. So good.
12. The King's English is a class joint, you guys. Let's all buy all our books there.

I'm like a bliss bomb right now. So happy.


  1. So happy for you...well deserved. I was thinking about you even though I was unable to be there.

  2. Everything was coming up beautiful red dresses last night. You did such a wonderful job. And of course it was good to see the Queen and the rest of your fabulous people.

    Much love.



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