Thursday, March 10, 2016

Approximately the weekend.

All week, I've had the luxury of only online stuff in my class, ergo loads of time to grade and otherwise get caught up. It has been satisfying.

Today was a little frantic, what with my having planned meetings back to back that I knew would, in reality, require a holodeck and instantaneous arrivals, etc., to make happen. Things, in other words, that are not part of the TechPack I got when I signed up for this gig.

What? There was no TechPack? Why am I only realizing this NOW?

Well, anyway, today I ran hither and yon, a little bit late to this, a little bit later to that, quite a bit late to the next thing. I got to have breakfast with my daughter and granddaughters. I got a little grading done but not all that I hoped to do. I got to talk with some of my favorite people about handmade books, which was the best. And I got to talk to my friend about my manuscript, and then make a delicious dinner, and then see Whiskey Tango Foxtrot with Dr. Write and Claire. So, you know, it was a pretty good day. Full. Good.

Tomorrow is the proximal weekend, by which I mean the day adjacent to the weekend, Friday, which is redolent of weekend, whose color is tinged with weekend, which sounds like the weekend. Yes, I could go through all the senses, but you get my drift. It's also the weekend that is adjacent to spring break, so, you know. Extra. Times a billion. That's how weekend-y/spring break-y tomorrow is.

So the fact that I (a) have to teach a class in the morning and then (b) go to a meeting are mere blips on the weekend screen. That's how powerful this weekend is. It is extra-strength. It has the power to make a Friday with regular commitments feel like a mere prelude to the wonder.

Things I am going to do on my weekend-shading-into-spring-break:

(a) sleep till I wake up
(b) work out
(c) make notebooks with my grandson
(d) see two movies
(e) work on my manuscript until it is pristine
(f) wear red shoes

I'm trying to keep my agenda simple because item (e) might be a big one, and also I may need some room for invention and surprise. We'll see. I have high if quiet hopes.

this is the beginning of the Library of Bookforms,
which we decided we will annotate for all sorts of purposes.

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