Sunday, September 20, 2015

This and that.

More awesome stuff about Scotland--including the fact that Unst has a higher density of rural Viking sites than anyplace in the world, including Scandinavia.

My dad reports that the aspens at Mesa Falls just outside of Ashton are fall-glorious--so much so that he has coined a new word for scenery that is too magnificent for the word 'scenery.' The new word is 'scenicity.' You heard it here first.

Jon Hamm won the Emmy for his role in Mad Men. About time.

My friend and colleague came up with this book by Lynda Barry, and now I want to redesign all of my course materials as drawings and handwriting.

Anyone want to know all the packages that came in the mail for me this week? Well, you can't. But I did get these, and this. And this will come very soon, because I have some very fancy notes to write.

I have tabs open on all sorts of online retail sites because I am trying to find a dress for my daughter's wedding, and whoa. This is challenging my shopping talents in a big way.

I was sad to read that C. K. Williams died today. So smart, and such beautiful language.

On this perfectly beautiful day, I was happy to sit out on the porch in the afternoon sun, and to read some of this.

And I roasted about fifteen pounds of tomatoes--my house smelled so good!

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