Thursday, September 17, 2015

News Flashes!

1. There are no good snacks in this house! (Food section.)

2. This arrived today, and I have already read one chapter! (even though my daughter in Scotland had it downloaded to her Kindle and had already read half of it!) (International News.)

3. Another student for whom I made a special appointment stiffed me! In related news, I'm starting to take it personally! (Business section. Also, possible advice column material.)

4. The park down the street is full of water! like it always is after it rains a lot! (Weather, obviously.)

Really, I'm only giving you the local news because the New York Times, which I make a point of buying on Thursdays at Starbucks--because the Thursday Times is the best Times--was full of terrible news.

Point A: The cover photo was of Donald Trump, mid-bloviation, and Jeb Bush, with his patented 'Why am I currently behind that blowhard?????? I am a BUSH!' expression.

Me, to the historian: (pointing at the picture) I don't want either of these guys to be president.
Historian: EFFF no. (that isn't what he actually said, but whatever he actually did say, 'EFFFF no' is what he meant.)

Point B: The Style section, which is historically one of my favorite sections, had pictures of leather jackets with patches of fur, or faux fur on them? Ugggggghhhhhh. Although, if that's the kind of thing you like, I'll share my Style section with you. Because uggghhh.

Point C: I haven't read the Arts section yet because of the previous disappointments.

Well, in my personal Arts section,

5. I added new material to my emerging poem!

6. I got a manuscript rejection today! With a 'Dear Author' form letter!

7. I went to a poetry reading tonight!

There is no sports news, because

8. The U.S. Open is over!

In conclusion, tomorrow is Friday, which kind of saves everything, if you want my opinion (see: my personal Opinion section).

(I have additional opinions, but they are available only to subscribers to The Megastore Times.)

(But basically, you can have them for free everyday. We're a daily edition around here.)

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