Thursday, September 10, 2015

My two favorite things about today.

1. When my colleague and friend, upon hearing that I believe Karl Malone is my spirit twin because of the grudge he held (at least that's the way *I* saw it) against the world for underestimating him, told a story about how she was in a spin class that Karl Malone was teaching and in which he said to her, 'I like your attitude.' And I was all


2. When I showed the historian the clip of Jimmy Fallon and Ellen Degeneres in their lipsync battle,

and we laughed and laughed, and then a few minutes later, when I was in another room, I heard the historian singing, 'b!*@^?, give me my money' while he was reading the paper.

Because that was the best.

Okay, another one:

3. good outfit.

And one more:

4. summoning up the willpower to go to the gym even though my early semester sleep is in ruins. Endorphins!

Oh, fine, one more:

5. garlic toast. Also the best.


  1. This post is my favorite things about today. The historian singing? the best.

    ps thought the "3. good outfit." was a link to a photo of you in the good outfit. Just a tiny bit disappointed to not get to see the actual good outfit. Just sayin'

  2. WAIT! WHAT?! WHERE THE HELL IS THE MAILMAN TEACHING A SPIN CLASS?! Because I will take that class, and I will spin until I win his approval. I will.

  3. Gillian's first sentence. Also, I'm happy to say I am still not a robot. It makes me happy to report that fact every time I leave a comment on your blog.



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