Tuesday, September 08, 2015


--next to godliness, as we all know.

As I have heretofore whined about, dear reader, I'm currently wrestling with a big anaconda of a schedule--you know, like in the movie Anaconda?


--and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be IceCube in the river with the anaconda popping up like a real bad dream, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be more like a super-smart character who *outwits* the anaconda by staying home and watching TV where no anacondas live, but that doesn't mean that the anaconda, aka my schedule, isn't running me around like a bad idea. Just four weeks of this, and then things moderate. Just four weeks. (is my new mantra, which I just typed 'moantra,' which is maybe more accurate and in tune with my current whiny mood.

ANYWAY. Today I had to wrap my mind around the fact that if I wanted to work out today, it would have to be in the morning, a realization that simultaneously resulted in the concomitant clarity that I  would thus have to take a shower, and get dressed, at the gym. And all that that entailed.

--oh the HORRRRRRor. (with extra Rs, as the situation clearly warrants.)

For your reference, here is what taking a shower and getting dressed at the gym, in the morning, for the day, entails, in my world:

1. consideration of the hair and the hair product.
2. consideration of the clothing, shoes and accessories.
3. consideration of the 'I need to smell awesome' accoutrements.
4. other crucial stuff I am forgetting.

Should going to the gym on the way to work be this hard? Should I have so many considerations and requirements? Perhaps not. But on the other hand, should working out in the morning mean I should look less splendid than I want to look on an ordinary work day? The people, I submit to you that it should not.

So I went to the gym, packing all of the considerations and requirements and my dedicated gym towel. I worked out like the righteous, and thereafter got clean, including washing my hair, which is a project unto the highest degree of project-iness.

May I say, as I evaluate my performance:

  • I got all the things I needed into my bag. (25 points.)
  • maybe I forgot just one thing, but it was of no consequence. (Minus one point.)
  • well, of little consequence. (Minus 3 points.)
  • I was expeditious in my workout-to-dressed time. (25 points.)
  • I left the gym with damp but not dripping hair. (which is my usual, anyway. Curly hair, you guys. It is bossy.) (20 points.)
  • I wore super cute shoes and a sophisticated outfit composed of summer-to-fall neutrals, in linen, and forgot nothing, so that my outfit was complete, including earrings and a bracelet. (25 points, plus five points for the bracelet.)
  • I was not late for my first appointments at work. (10 points.)
In conclusion, I give myself a solid A for this performance, because I did not let my loathing for the morning workout deter me from doing it, and because I accomplished a satisfactory level of dress and grooming, AND because I did with without whining to anyone, except maybe to this blog, and thus to you, my readers, but nonetheless delivering a triumphal conclusion, TA DA, the end.

(p.s., I am so sorry about that angry looking anaconda, but I think you'll have to agree, it was necessary, if graphic, to make my point about my schedule.)


  1. Oh. my. hell. That anaconda (and thus your schedule) is scary. Even with my volume muted.

    But you and your determination to get in the workout before work? Wow. Totally the girl on the shore with the big gun attitude.

    You definitely deserve all of the points. That is all.

    Except, btw, your workouts are showing in recent pics. You look great. Even greater than usual along with your splendid outfits. Well done.

  2. A definite A, plus a cookie . . . or a cup of tea . . . or both!

  3. I'd say you've managed all your considerations very well. Nice job, you.



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