Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Why don't you cry about it?: a miscellany.

1. Things that have made me cry recently:
  • the father-and-son scenes in Man of Steel
  • a Shawn Colvin playlist my son put on while I was making a salad 
  • stuff my grandsons did and said
  • getting on the airplane to go home
  • a video chat with my son and grandson
  • various parts of several episodes of The Killing I watched last night when we went home
  • getting ready to go for a walk with the dog last night
  • some other things that I cannot really talk about right now.
2.  Things I could not care less about:
  • writing a draft of this chapter that's due on the 15th
  • exerting myself in any way shape or form, especially mentally.
3. You should really check this out:

 Of course I subscribed. And it's true: I find a daily dose of happiness in just scrolling through the links that Dave Pell curates, with his dry and hilarious commentary. I often click through to a few of the articles. It's timely and smart and always good stuff. You might find some of it on your own--but you might not, and since more uncertainty in these dark times might just push you (or "me") over the edge, you'd better subscribe too.

4. What I want to eat/drink:

  • salad,
  • watermelon,
  • and lemonade. Or limeade.
In related news, I have only one of these items in the house. Woe.


  1. You are so very much in my thoughts. xo

  2. Love to you. Cry it out... feel the feelings and soon there will be more joyful times!

  3. I'm reading this post on the eve of my own move. Thanks for putting words to how I feel right now, HT. You always touch my heart. Sending love and wishes for watermelon from Georgia/almost Alabama.

  4. Ann might say something about big girl panties, at this juncture. My paucity of experience in such matters, however, affords me only a nodding commiseration.

    Enjoy the regular rhythms ta home.



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