Monday, July 15, 2013


  1. the chapter draft is about 40%. Forty percent of what? I don't know. I just feel like we've got 60% more to do. But 40% is better than what we had three days ago.
  2. I'm feeling much better. About 97%.
  3. Sadly, we have a deficit of fresh vegetables in the house. 
  4. I am not going to measure how much summer is behind us, or how much is ahead. That way madness lies.
  5. With the recent replantings, 100% of our plants are alive.
  6. We went to zero movies this weekend, mainly because of all the recovery I had to do. 
  7. We, did, however finish 100% of The Killing, seasons one and two, 100% of Mad Men, season six, and 100% of Top of the Lake. All highly recommended. 
  8. Now what shall we watch, though?
  9. Through a fluke summer, which included extensive traveling and illness, we have gone zero times to the Farmer's Market. Zero. I really can't believe it. 
  10. I need to write a poem for my writing group tomorrow. I have zero ideas.
 On this mid-July Monday, I feel pretty optimistic, actually. I give this progress report a B+, with an E for citizenship.


  1. A good report overall. I'm always happy with a B+.

  2. Excellent asessment.

  3. Here's pulling for that last 3% !



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