Thursday, July 11, 2013

Drinking ginger tea and thinking.

I would like to have an earth-shattering argument to make. Right now it doesn't feel that way. I would like, then, to have a modest argument to make. My modest argument feels like pfff. Too small. This is, I'm sure, a matter of perspective.

My cough, which I believe is getting better, feels simultaneously like the last throes of a cold and also like I have the husk of a popcorn kernel stuck in my throat. Neither of which I am enjoying, particularly. Hence the tea.

I love an overcast summer day.

I need some paragraphs, stat. Preferably paragraphs that constitute an argument with a theoretical construct to frame the argument.

Now that I have purchased a gray cardigan, I feel I can probably find my way to those paragraphs. I hope.

I need to check on my tiny potted plants. They are too tiny, really. They dry out in a day, which means you've got to remember to water them or they're goners. I just replanted them yesterday. I am hopeful--hopeful that they'll thrive, and hopeful that I won't forget them.

Luckily, there is leftover panzanella. I could just read a couple of chapters of my spy novel.

"A compositionist walks into the curricular room, a room in the house of English Studies."

Plant this sentence in a small pot, water it, maybe it will grow. 


  1. There are so many things I love about this post--the link between the purchase of a gray cardigan and the paragraphs, the tiny pot issue (which I also have), the luckily leftover panzanella. And of course, the planting of that awesome sentence. Love.

  2. Exactly what Gilian said. Me too.



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