Thursday, September 06, 2012


Here are a few lessons I learned today, for the second or third or millionth time:
  • it is hard work putting clean sheets on a bunk bed.
  • the difference between an inflectional ending and a derivational affix is all about the meaning of affix, but both terms apply to form class words.
  • leftover spaghetti sauce is God's own mercy.
  • September has cool mornings and evenings over August, but August has its pre-semester bliss to recommend it.
  • Bruiser always loves his evening walk.
  • Michael Caine = pure pleasure.
  • go to bed late -> getting up early -> difficult.
  • the Avett Brothers = pure pleasure.
  • I prefer the DNC to the RNC every time.
  • no lunch means all the sentences you make up on the spot in your grammar class have a cookie in them.
  • having no cookies at home is just a little bit worse than having cookies at home.
  • the end of Thursday -> Friday -> date night!
  • I am a terrible housekeeper, but I love my home and all the people in it.


  1. When I lived in that apartment with my friends I would make a giant vat of spaghetti sauce and eat it all. week. long.
    True dat about the bunk beds by the way. Nightmare.

  2. Michael Caine! Swoon.



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