Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I am

I am a collector of textile goods, a trailer of fingers through pots of herbs, a soup aspirationalist. A dog hurrier. An available-ist. A plotter of baroque revenges. A breakfast eater, a sleep wrangler. A book misplacer.  A closet stuffer and a crossword incompletist. A shrimp-hog, arugula hound, fig hoarder, peach eater. A handbag dissatisfactionist. A pancake and cookie particularist, a stipulator of pie crusts, a magazinist and a syntax smatterer. A movie proficient, television-watching adept, savant of screens. Ceaseless mother, wayward writer, variable teacher. A chaos artist. A foot-pain stylist. A quipper, a miserable-ist and joyseeker.  I am a late lemonader, an every-square-incher. I am a photographer of skies.


Amelia said...

cultivator of music
menu sharer

Stephanie said...

lover of fine chocolate, maker of videos and Skype-er extraordinaire

Ann said...

unexpected wearer of sparkle and pink
afficionado of farmers' markets
chronicler of place
painter of colorful walls
inspirer of other people's blogs
suggester of books
ceaseless friend


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