Monday, September 10, 2012

Long form avoidance behavior.

A few things I've been reading lately:

they are awesome.

On the Williams sisters: this and this. I only just read the Times Sunday Magazine piece today; found the Kottke comment tonight. I liked the Times piece more than he did--it felt, to me, poetic.

On David Foster Wallace: this, this and this.  I ran into the review of the new D.T. Max biography of Wallace on Slate, and the other two links were in that review.

This is where I went to college. Or BYU, I forget.
I also listened to this, then ran into this (also via Kottke). After awhile, you run into enough of this stuff, and stop panicking, either because it's kind of fascinating, or because you've become numb, or maybe both.

Also this, which I'm sure you've already seen, plus this excellent comment from a local blogger, which you might not have seen. Loved both. Trying to come up with a cogent way to thread this into my online class. 

It goes without saying that I listened to and read most of the above instead of doing other, more worthy stuff. Obviously. So factor that in, however you do your factoring.


  1. Thank you for the many awesome links. I awoke this morning to the delightful news that Andy Murray had won the US Open so there was so much rejoicing!

  2. I love it when avoidance (which you infected me with too) actually makes me face and consider deeper avoidances. These links feed courage -- a flock of thank-yous winging their way you-ward!



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