Monday, September 03, 2012

After Labor Day.

After Labor Day is when school should actually begin, in my opinion. Who are the early school starters kidding? It is too hot to learn in August. The early starters should take a little lesson from my childhood, when school started in, like, the tenth week of September. I remember going to the beach after Labor Day, the people. Fall, before school starts, is delicious. The heat actually feels precious, like a wonder, when you can feel it going.

The truth is, the early starters don't get it: school doesn't start for real until after Labor Day. We may be "attending." We may be "teaching." But until it feels like fall, we are not learning. Neolithic Man did not go to school until the fall. Check the fossil evidence.


Well, here are a few things that lifted my heart today on our last bike ride of the Labor Day holiday:

cormorants & cows

osprey, right overhead



  1. I'm not always a fan of Instagramming life, but I really love the look of these photos, the way they capture the feel of fall. Melancholy. Muted. Fading.

  2. Agreed. Remember wearing new school sweaters to school on cool mornings that turned into warmish afternoons? Fall, that's what that is.



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