Saturday, April 28, 2012

We decided we couldn't be bothered to see a movie.

On our way home from downtown:

Me: ...and maybe I'll hang up my clothes, and then I will make these cookies--they're supposed to be, like, the best chocolate chip cookies in the history of cookies.

The historian:  Why's that?

Me: Well, they have some special ingredients. Like cake flour and bread flour.

Historian: Is there butter?

Me: Yes. And really good chocolate.

Historian: Lots and lots of butter?

Me: They are, in fact, an all butter cookie. But the real secret, apparently, is to let the dough rest a long time. Because--

Historian: (interrupting) --because if they don't get, like, twenty-three hours of rest, they're just no good the whole next day.

(this is the last couplet, but it is not the very last couplet.)


  1. well, now i know what i'll be baking next time i bake.

  2. Ah, yes. One of the Three Great Questions: Is there butter? (see also, Is there chocolate? and Is there bacon?)

  3. Dang it! I need to get the ingredients for this!

  4. I have made these very cookies. They are exceedingly delicious. If I was patient, I would never make another chocolate chip cookie.



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