Friday, April 13, 2012

Agenda for a crash.

1. sleep till I wake up
2. pancakes?
3. grade
4. see Mirror Mirror with my daughter, which is either (a) the new movie by Tarsem Singh, who directed The Fall, one of my all time favorite movies, or (b) a Julia Roberts movie based on "Snow White" or (c) all three, what's it to you?
5. sleep till I wake up (did I already say that?)
6. maybe check in with Target?
7. take a walk with the B
8. see another movie, this one with the historian
9. sleep again
10. fast forward: the semester is OVER.

fast forward fast forward fast forward >>

tomorrow, I will eat like this:

you know, pictorially. like, a picture taken by an Android camera app.


  1. Yes to pancakes. And also movie, but instead I will be grading. Boo.

  2. I am grading too, but somehow sneaking handfuls of M&M's whilst looking out for the "library police" makes it a little more palatable.

    Can I borrow that fast-forward to the end of the semester button? Please?!



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