Thursday, April 05, 2012


Recently, I had to write a short bio of myself for a thing I'll be doing next year. Anyone else hate writing the bio? After the requisite credential-mongering, I said,

Her current interests include digital forms of composition, the constantly shifting landscape of digital and print publication, and the power of narrative in argument, as well as a deep and abiding commitment to seeing movies in theaters as often as is humanly possible.
but I could just as easily have said well as a deep and abiding commitment to eating toast at midnight.


...a deep and abiding commitment to some form of television every night, even if it's a rerun.


...a deep and abiding commitment to reading only genre fiction during the academic year.

or perhaps capacity whatsoever for planning and obtaining an adequate amount of sleep.

or even

...blah blah commitment to acquiring more and more technological tools and software, while simultaneously having no prospect of uncommitted time to learn to use them, and therefore a deep and abiding commitment to half-assery that she likes to refer to as "amateurism."

recipe here. Happy Easter!

Right now the dough for hot-cross buns is rising. I got this idea from an idea that rattled around in my brain many years ago, when my children were still small and we actually sang the nursery rhyme, and I made them once for Good Friday, and ever since I always wonder, desultorily, right around March: when is Easter, exactly? and, following,  I should make some hot-cross buns.  Easter is this Sunday, which means Good Friday is tomorrow, and at 9:15 p.m. I looked up the recipe, and happened to have the ingredients, so whee! not enough sleep!

Couplet plus another bonus couplet!


  1. I'd follow your whee anywhere. Especially if it leads me to hot cross buns (which I've never had before)

  2. I worked at a bakery in Eugene where they used to sell hot cross buns. Possibly only at Easter. I made the cross on the top with icing in a squeeze bottle. This is my connection with hot cross buns.

  3. I adore you, Lisa B. I am so tired of bios about now. The more I write what an adequate, nay fantastic parent I am/will be, the more I doubt it. I should have told them of my abiding commitment to toast!

  4. I applaud your abiding commitment to reading only genre fiction during the academic year. That, and the fact that you made hot cross buns.



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