Friday, April 06, 2012

The Megastore recommends.

1. Knowing how to fix stuff. Or knowing someone who knows how to fix stuff--maybe better? Today the perfect binder wasn't as perfect as it claimed it was. The carriage moved right to left, but the blades weren't making their regular blade-y sound, which led me to believe that perhaps they weren't, then, doing their regular blade-y job, i.e., roughing up the spine of the book block so that the glue would "take," thus
phillips head screwdriver.
a flat head would have
been better.
spray bottle.
(re-enactment of
actual alcohol/
water solution.)
making a more perfect bind. To the rescue: Kati L., who said "Press Clear and Start" (I think) like a BOSS and thus was able to get at the dang spot on the binder where the glue was causing all the problems. I was helpfully able to provide a screwdriver, which I used to scrape the glue off. And we also fetched the rubbing alcohol/water mix to break down the glue a little, etc. etc. and then the blades started singing their sharp song, et voila! Perfect binding!

My pizza had
mushrooms on it
2. Snagging some pizza. Today I also helped my colleague with some binding, or was going to help, except that there was a printing services snafu, so we were all waiting around for that to get fixed. Luckily, my colleague brought some pizza in for her students and there happened to be a piece for me. Or I shamelessly asked if I could have a piece. I'm sure we can all agree that those two things are equivalent. Either way, a piece of pizza magically appeared when I was starving, and that, the people, made all the difference.

3. a small nap at the end of a wildly productive and exhausting week. I think that's all I need to say about that.

The author. Her book.
A beautiful friendship.
4. Getting the job done. Today, we bound about 100 copies of the chapbook. And now we may all exhale.


  1. Will I receive a copy of one of these handsome beauties? I can't wait to see it?

  2. What could be more fun than helping out on a project that great-looking and getting a pizza for a reward! I'm doing the same for my printers crewe and other projects. Great job guys!



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