Monday, April 09, 2012

Letter to my feet.

Dear feet,

As you know, there is a long week ahead of us, with many nights out and very little respite from our work. So I promise you: I will take you, my feet, neither hither nor yon, neither here nor there, neither to infinity nor to beyond, in uncomfortable shoes.

That offer is, it probably goes without saying, good only for this week. But I will not renege, not this week. My feet: you can count on me.

You have my word,


{couplet}--note: link updated to one that (I hope) works.


  1. Dear Lisa (and her feet):

    I am unable to get to your couplets from the links you are posting. Prezi says, "Sorry, you can't get there from here," or "that dimension of space-time is no longer accessible." Or something. Anywho. If I go back to earlier posts--the first couple--those links will take me there, and I can even see the current couplets. I mean, I'm willing to do the extra work to get to them, but I don't know about your less-devoted followers. Or maybe it's just a problem on my end. Joie de pieds!

  2. Ditto for me in regards to Prezi. And I too am wishing you joie des pieds! This makes me want to make small achievable promises of comfort and sanity of my own.

  3. Gold shoes her she comes.

  4. or--Gold shoes here she comes.

    Not only am I a robot (who can't seem to type the word verif correctly the first time), but I can't even type my cute little comment correctly the first time. Yikes.



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