Monday, November 22, 2010

Two words.

Harry Potter, and "Strange Dog Adventure." If you counted five words there, I'm going to have to ask you to take that counting outside the premises, because it is bothering me.

1. Harry Potter was perhaps the most satisfying movie of them all, so far. However,

2. "Strange Dog Adventure" is not my favorite episode in this genre ("Lost Dog for Which We
Feel Responsible" is a genre, yes?). For one, when we called the numbers on this nice, unfixed, large male dog's tag, we got messages for two businesses. At which I left detailed messages, which for two, have not yet been responded to. And for three, ugh. Why is the dog roaming? why do we feel responsible? why don't I feel okay just dropping the dog off at the after-hours dog-drop-off place at the Animal Shelter? why won't the owners of the several odd phone numbers return the call? why? Anyway, the dog will be spending the night in an enclosed (undisclosed?) space in our house tonight. Bruiser, needless to say, is a wreck.

I said I would blog, and I did. That is the extent of it for tonight, the "Strange Dog Adventure" night. In homage to the Strange (nice) Dog: Grrrrrrrrrrr.


  1. Counting is like math, right? And I'm all over getting rid of math right now.

    Sounds like your Bruiser might have a brother now?

  2. Udate on the dog, please. I demand it.

  3. What? I am soooo mad. I left a great witty comment about you and your stray dogginess yesterday and it is not here. Grump. Oh well. I am glad that the dog saga is now over!

  4. Most satisfying? Really? I liked it and can't be bothered by those who tell me it's slow--the 2hrs plus flew by--but *most* satisfying? hmmm.



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