Thursday, November 25, 2010

Good will and thanks.

I started writing a thanksgiving post yesterday but when I started to write about my children I started to cry, so I decided to wait a minute. But it's Thanksgiving today, so I just want to say I'm grateful for

writing and
my good life,
and music and art
and the good health of my parents,
my brother and sisters,

my darling my husband,

all kinds of growing things,
farmers, books, movies,
friendships old and new,

my children who fill my heart and my life,
and the beautiful grandchildren.

Today, I feel lucky and full of joy. Thanks for stopping by occasionally--I'm grateful for you, too.


Dr. Write said...

I'm thankful for you (X3 or 5) and the blog-o-sphere. And movies, etc, and tea and poetry. And gravy, and the what not, so happy T day and see you soon

Amelia said...

Happy Thanksgiving mom! I'm grateful for you too!

Nik said...

Thanks for being you, Lisa B. I am lucky to know you and read you almost every day.

gilian said...

So thankful for you, my friend, and thankful for all the good in your life.

Ann said...

You are much loved. Never forget that.


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