Saturday, November 20, 2010

Enough already.

Last night when I could not sleep AGAIN, I thought about this fancy fact:
NOVEMBER USED TO BE NABLOMO (is there supposed to be another syllable there? somehow it seems like there should be one. Oh well.), aka National Blogging Month, where you blog every day and win a prize, or not, but at least you blogged. (Right! NabloPOmo--National Blog Posting Month. The fact that I could not remember that says everything, absolutely everything.)

Perhaps some of you, the people, may remember when that fact used to mean something around here.

Well, I am tired of being a person who doesn't blog anymore. Not blogging is for suckers. Not blogging is symptomatic of the joy that gets sucked out of life because of The Grind, which also, and perhaps not coincidentally, happens to be for suckers. Suckers: I am going to blog again. A lot. Every day from now until the end of the year, even if it's just nothing at all. That's right, you can count on me for daily blogging, often about nothing at all, until the end of the year, December 31. And after that, maybe I will just keep right on blogging, or maybe I will have won a fabulous prize and I will be too awesome to blog anymore. We'll just have to see.

ANYWAY. I happened to be perusing one of my new favorite blogs, hyperbole and a half. And whilst perusing, I happened upon her Twitter feed ("FOLLOW!"). And then, on her Twitter feed, I found another funny (also: salty, so feel free to beware) blog called More is Better. On More is Better's Twitter feed, she has this to say about herself:

"Always cooks with real butter"? That's a pretty good motto. How about this, which More is Better also has to say about herself:

It may have occurred to the more discerning of my readers that "Always cooks with real butter" and "deliciously vulgar" could be MY mottos (also: "More is Better"--I should probably sue More is Better, as I'm quite certain that I'm the original on that one, too). This leads me to think I should be proactive and snag the good mottos, since they seem to be being taken by More is Better at a pretty good clip. Let's get down to it:

"See the potato chips, feel the shine."
"Hand-built by movies."
"Exceedingly Good Shopping."
"Good to the last whine."
"Uh oh, better get housekeeping." or maybe:
"Housekeeping: it's everywhere you wanna be."
"Designed for shoes."

(these slogans brought to you by the Slogan Generator, courtesy of the Surrealist.)

Tomorrow: recipes for cooking what is in my house, because I'm pretty sure the roads will be too snowy to go out. That's right: recipes. Tune in.


  1. You're aware, of course, that your humble servant also has a Twitter feed? @TheRealSamOrme

  2. I agree. Not blogging is for suckers. The problem too is that if you only post once a week/month, then the post gets so long and much say so much. The every day blogging is what blogging is supposed to be--an insight into the day. I'll check in every day for you!

  3. This is the best news I have received since learning IN N OUT was opening chains in Utah, and (more specifically) along the Wasatch Front as opposed merely in St. George.

    Yay for the shine!

  4. Hooray hooray hooray! More blogging is always a good thing!

  5. I love your nothing. It just makes me happy.

    Also I love your whines. Someone recently spoke in a publick speaking sort of way and said that no one likes to be around people who complain and I thought - Uh, I do. If the complaining is clever and the whines are so much more about poking fun and making theater and then I thought of you.

    Hooray, hooray!!

  6. Which is not to say I associate you particularly with complaining. Also small celebrations and mouthwatering menus and other delightful esoterica.

    But wittily. And that is the point.

  7. Just saying thanks for the little shout out! We can totally share mottos.



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