Monday, November 29, 2010

Lessons for daily living.

1. Never give anything away.

Selfish? Maybe. But what about the shirt that hung in my closet for years--years!--unworn, because it was beautiful and I loved it. But still: years, and unworn, so I gave it away, and just now I had the perfect idea of how I could wear it. Is it still in my closet? or my other closet? No. And now, my perfect idea will go unexecuted. And I will not allow myself to turn the lack of this perfect shirt into a quest for another one. But that will be hard, because not allowing myself stuff? Not my particular talent.

2. Scones for breakfast.

Lesson? Maybe not. But you can't tell me that a day that begins with scones is not a good day.

3. Half a snow day is better than none.

Way, way better.


  1. Two out of three isn't bad. You know which one of those lessons I would reverse.

  2. If you gave it to me, you can have it back! Although I probably love it.

  3. Lesson #4 - a daily dose of htms vs. a week's worth all at once - either way is invigorative and rejuvenatory.



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