Thursday, May 20, 2010

Signifying dog.

Tonight, for a variety of reasons, we couldn't take Bruiser for his evening constitutional. One of those reasons was not the fact that I am watching Lost like it's my job. I'm still in the first season, and I am currently experiencing thoughts that most of America had six years ago, such as, "Matthew Fox . . . dreamy."

HOWEVER. I had just finished with one episode and was about to start the next one, when the historian spoke from the other room. I paused, said, "What?" and he said, "I thought you were done with that episode," and I said, "I was, but I was starting a new one--but do you need to talk?" and at that word--the word that rhymes with "w-a-l-k" (I spelled it, although the B can also spell)--my intelligent canine roused himself from his torpor, and said, effectively, "I know that word: rhymes with walk."

Other signs and portents the B can interpret:
  • the putting on of sneakers
  • when I say, "so shall we do this?"
  • or when I say, "so, what do you think?"
  • or when I say, "Okay!"
All these things mean "walk." Walk WALK walk walk walk. The only word that's as important as walk in the Bruiser lexicon is "food," but he prefers that, rather than using the alphabet, we spell this word with actual cheese.

And now, resuming my Lost viewing.


  1. I'm kind of jealous that you have the whole of lost ahead of you and you can watch it in a feast of gluttony. I can remember bulk watching one season before I had Evie.. lying huge and pregnant on our couch.

  2. Amelia! don't make this about lost. Bruiser is America's best dog!

  3. Oh, delights! I am allowing myself 15 minutes of reading missed posts as a reward to finishing writing goals . . . and how much I have missed your sprightly wit!

  4. Oh this is priceless. We spell out the word "walk" at our house but now the dogs at our house can spell, too. So I assume we'll start texting each other about it and then they'll figure out how to text, as well.

    All I ever asked for in this life were dogs that worshipped me and couldn't spell and I DIDN'T GET MY WISH.

  5. but he prefers that we spell this word with cheese--I laughed out loud at that!

    JoJo knows words like "out?" "sit" "where's your [ball, bone, kitty]?" and "you need me to follow you?".

    Wait. Maybe I'm the one who knows that last one. Which is actually a look she gives me while standing on my lap staring me in the face.



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