Monday, May 10, 2010

School or not school? you be the judge.

1. I have ten school-related meetings this week.
2. TEN.
3. Still grading.
4. I'm engaging in long obsessive worryings about this-and-that. School-related, natch.
5. I bought two heliotropes, a fantastic pelargonium, and three marguerite daisies (pink) today.
6. We moved the outside pots outside, where they belong. In the rain.
7. I'm still writing notes to students about things they may have forgotten.
8. I'm receiving application materials from students for the Folio editorships.
9. I am about to read great swaths of my French detective novel.
10. I wore a white dress with a grey polka-dotted sweater.


  1. The number "ten" is this particular context is obscene. TEN! BOO!

    On the other hand? Polka dot sweaters. Yay for those.

  2. I meant "In this particular context." IN.

  3. You been schooled, girl.



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