Sunday, May 02, 2010

Quite a bit better, thanks for asking.

Readers of this blog will be glad to know that a certain Curtain of Melancholy has lifted around here.

What? You've never heard of "The Curtain of Melancholy"? Well, it goes a little something like this:
  • too many projects come to their
  • various critical points all at the same moment,
  • I think I'm going to collapse or have a stroke or something,
  • the critical points happen and everything goes fine, brief moment of elation followed by
  • a crash/deep hole of despair. Out of which I
  • clamber back into Life. Possibly.
Need a PowerPoint for that? Got it:

Anyway. Friday, I took the Folio editors to lunch. We had a wonderful time and I was reminded that their connections with each other are one of the ancillary--maybe even one of the main--excellent outcomes of this project. Then we saw Date Night, which was pretty darned entertaining (aka, just what the Date Night Doctor ordered--see how meta that is?). Then, a Saturday in which I took my grandson with me to the grocery store and made him lunch while his folks were moving house; cleaned out my closets and began transitioning to the warm weather clothes (if this sounds to you like too large of an event for clothes, you may be right--but that's how it works around here. Maybe. If it actually does help me to manage my sartorial apparatus); went to a work event honoring a colleague, which was fun and inspiring.

Curtain: lifted. Grading: commences tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.


  1. And well. I'm here in the audience, leaping to my feet and giving you a hearty standing ovation.

    You have a big life. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. This is great. My favorite is that because of the title of your slideshow it shows me that I might like to watch various other slideshows on how to make draperies and curtains out of various fabrics, including silks. Come to the megastore, where all your drapery needs are catered for!

  3. This is my hand reaching over to your hand to clamber out with you. Glad you've got a powerpoint ready for this and all occasions. And summer is nearly here.

  4. And now a powerpoint for best grading practices, please! You've come out from behind the Curtain and escaped the Pit of Despair, only to face the paper PUS (Pile of Unusual Size). Do keep us posted, especially on what is prepared for various meals with various grandchildren, and what summery new outfit you were wearing at the time.



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